Wednesday, December 18, 2013

34 weeks (tomorrow!): spinning baby

I had an appointment yesterday with my midwife and am happy to report that all is well!  We heard a nice strong heartbeat and everything looks normal . . . well, except for his position:  he's transverse.  This means instead of being head down (as he used to be) he is now lying sideways across my belly.  The good news is that he apparently has plenty of room to move around in there and he is likely to go back to being head down by the time he's ready to greet the world.  However, if he hasn't moved by 36 weeks then things get a little scary.  I will be referred to see a consultant who will attempt to turn him the right way around.  If that doesn't work I will be scheduled for a C-section.  Having a C-section is basically my biggest fear when I think about giving birth (second to the baby or me being not well, of course). 
So please pray or send the baby some spinning vibes or anything else you think might work to get this little guy in the right position!  I'll be doing my part by checking out this website that a friend recommended about how to "spin your baby" into position.  It supposedly works wonders!  

Monday, December 2, 2013

31 weeks: hiccups

All ready to sing the second half of a concert at 30 weeks!

Only three more days until I'm at 32 weeks!  Between Thanksgiving (which we hosted the weekend before the 28th), a holiday in France, my 33rd birthday and general busyness, things are still absolutely flying by.  I'm so glad I started preparing for this baby early because I'm running out of energy and time in this home stretch.  

All is well with baby and mama.  The one real update is that we've both got hiccups like nobody's business.  His hiccups come about two to four times per day and feel like the belly equivalent of an eye twitch.  I try to think of it as a gentle, persistent reminder that he's happy and well in there.  My hiccups on the other hand, are loud, aggressive and totally random.  I usually have about three at a time and they are far from being lady-like.  In fact, they sound more like a croak than a hiccup.  I never had these with Charlotte and have no idea why I've gotten them this time, but hopefully they will soon pass.  All-in-all very minor things at this point which I'm quite happy about!